Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

Dammit, it's impossible to close a chapter of your life without it going on and on and on....lord, *slams book* there now that chapter is closed! Lets move on please!

Oh wait, one final thing. If you bother any of the people who may have texted you last night in anger, i will turn in pictures that i took of you using my screen without my permission on your journal. It's just as simple as that...The immature games are all over, we both lose, lets just go our seperate ways.

Ok, Actually i was thinking more along the lines of intermission for my book and ill pick back up on the chapters of my life when i move out to Troy.

Which is really impossible because there always seems to be some form of incident going on in my life that needs the chapters never get a time out so to speak.

Felt really sick when i was getting off work, so i decided to rest the entire day after meant i missed out on some fun, but i really wouldnt have been having fun if i got sick while i was out...or got worse i had to suck it up and spend at least one sat night to myself. It's the price we pay.

I think tomorrow night will be a good night.
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