Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

My lips are dry,
My throat parched,
As a chill runs through my body.
The wind blows against my face,
As i bundle myself closer in your bosom.

Let us pretend,
For one more moment,
That this is what reality is really like,
A dream?
But one i could fool myself into living,
For an eternity..
No i wouldn't mind...
Not at all.

But time does just the opposite,
It whisks you away from the ones you love,
And shows you that you can't live in a moment,
Or rely upon fleeting dreams.
And don't think that your path is set in stone,
Because that wind can easily blow you off course.

Like a rock against a mirror,
This world of mine comes crashing down.
And as i try to catch the pieces,
They cut deep in my flesh,
And as each shard hits the floor,
They mix with my blood,
Shining...a deep red.

The angels in my ears.
Or perhaps devils...
Telling me i have a future...
But not one i had dreamt.
Sunsets bring days to a close,
And the shards..they still shine bright red.
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