Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure


I'm tired X_X

But im always burning the midnight oil....oye.

Catch up time.... Last night, did a movie double feature with Joe and Mike "Ribbons to the Gibbons". We watched Batman Begins at 7:00 and then ran across town to catch Mr and Mrs Smith at 9:45. I couldn't believe it, but both movies were actually good! I was astonished. Normally i get disappointed at the movies...but i loved both. Batman more than Smith...but eh, it was good to see Batman done right. Though that woman in the movie was such a fucking bitch. She can't deal with Bruce Wayne being batman...but yet spiderman's girlfriend can?

Drop that chick like a bad habit Batman!

Mike went home, but Joe and i went up to Koffee Kettle and caught Phillip and the gang. Hung out for a little bit, and this crazy drunk cowboy sat with us! Heh, it was quite amusing, his group of old people came in after a bit of awkwardness and they went and sat elsewhere...but he was hitting on some young girls. It was amazing!

Had to deal with Joe's situation latter on that i don't feel like going into it...lets just say it was what made me write my last post.

Today consisted of working...which sucked so much...but after i got off work. Spent the evening with Phillip, Robby(his friend from out of town), Tiffany, Shaun, Julia, and Lauren. It was an amusing night, we watched Kill Bill and Robby got so drunk, it was very funny, because everyone else was sober. Heh.

Now, i need at 1-7..and i may relax tomorrow night. I've spent many nights out and about lately....time to relax with some Guild Wars and Forza Motorsports.
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