Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

*so now everyone can read*


Grand Theft Emo3: so rachel had sex with that guy
meloDramaticLies: haha
meloDramaticLies: i read
meloDramaticLies: i think i said either..ho or whore out loudly
Grand Theft Emo3: i dont know what to say i mean i dunno..i wanna yell whore at the computer
Grand Theft Emo3: haha
Grand Theft Emo3: wow we are psychic
meloDramaticLies: ha
meloDramaticLies: we're just awesome together at being mean
Grand Theft Emo3: i dont even think its mean
meloDramaticLies: truthful?
Grand Theft Emo3: but she has sex way too quickly
Grand Theft Emo3: and i got pulled into her web of lies
meloDramaticLies: i like how she writes it like she's trying to throw it into someone's haha look at me! fucker!
Grand Theft Emo3: i've never met someone so deceitful and evil ever...she surpasses marie by far....and i watch as she decieves everyone of her friends...but its ok she has to make herself look good, and i can't do anything about it, but she will crash hard...i'd say id be there to watch her burn, but i don't want anything to do with her life anymore...i told her id come back someday, but i won't...maybe if she grows up, but that is unlikely.
meloDramaticLies: i see, i see
Grand Theft Emo3: am i acting silly?
meloDramaticLies: no
meloDramaticLies: i say fuck her
Grand Theft Emo3: unfortunately i did.
Grand Theft Emo3: *shakes head in shame*
meloDramaticLies: well..did you learn from it?
meloDramaticLies: im sleepy
Grand Theft Emo3: yeah...
Grand Theft Emo3: i learned not to give it up so easily to false words
Grand Theft Emo3: i always said i never wanted to regret losing it
Grand Theft Emo3: but here i go regretting it
Grand Theft Emo3: oh well, life sucker punches us all...its how we move on that means the ill move on and life will work for me =)
meloDramaticLies: good
Grand Theft Emo3: what i really love is the fact that not only did she put it in her main journal to punch at me with
Grand Theft Emo3: she also put it in her uber super personal journal that only i and one other person knows about
meloDramaticLies: really
Grand Theft Emo3: yup so if i didnt want to read it the first time...i got it there.
meloDramaticLies: i guess she has nothing better to do
meloDramaticLies: then to talk about you
Grand Theft Emo3: *shrug* i hope she never mentions my name again, because im dead to her.....its very hilarious because she says i am cruel and many other things and that im different...its funny because im actually not letting a person walk all over me for once.

urgh....i will not say anything mean....i will not....because i am better than that....dammit...


PinK k FuD: im gonna drive to daleville and kick you
Grand Theft Emo3: i told you that you could call me!
Grand Theft Emo3: haha
Grand Theft Emo3: i thought that said
Grand Theft Emo3: lick you
Grand Theft Emo3: and i was like
Grand Theft Emo3: the hell?
PinK k FuD: no you'd like that too mu ch
Grand Theft Emo3: psh
Grand Theft Emo3: you wish
PinK k FuD: haha you wish i wish
Grand Theft Emo3: well you wish that i wish about you wishing
PinK k FuD: you wish that i wish about you wishing about me wishing
Grand Theft Emo3: your just wishing that i wish about you wishing that i wish about you wishing
PinK k FuD: you wish that i wish about you wishing about me wishing because you want to say wish until i get tired of saying wish so you can say that you win
Grand Theft Emo3: you wish
Grand Theft Emo3: you know your laughing
PinK k FuD: you win
PinK k FuD: what now
PinK k FuD: pfffft you betcha, so hard that i might do numero uno in my panties
Grand Theft Emo3: i wanna put this in lj
Grand Theft Emo3: ok
Grand Theft Emo3: lol
Grand Theft Emo3: and put it in yours
Grand Theft Emo3: bc we rock
PinK k FuD: haha yes sir!
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