Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

I can't begin to write whats been going on in my life...

But i guess i will try, heh.

I've become a very busy character as of late. Always out late, keeping myself busy.

Robby and I are getting are things straight for moving in together. We found some double wide trailers up in troy that are very nice, the odd thing is the 3 bedroom 2 baths are cheaper than the 2 bed 2 were going to shoot for them...and instead of arguing over the master bedroom, were going to turn it into an entertainment room. So thats pretty great, but were going to go back up tuesday to talk to real estate people, and see what other places we can find before deciding.

Then it brings up the situation of what i want to do for school. I have multiple options, all of which interest me. I could become a producer for television and produce all of your amazing prime tv shows...haha....Or i could become a buyer for companies, and find the next big trends and decide what the store is going to sell....or i could become a graphic designer and move out to live where my aunt lives in portland, oregon and she could get me a job working for Nike.

So many choices, now i have to pick which one i would love to do. I've already made one important choice that helped me a lot...and i don't regret it at all. I actually feel a million times more powerful by actually standing up for myself and doing what i needed instead of trying to please other people. =)

Whats also amazing is the fact im kicking ass in science. I'm not even trying me the class seems way too childish for me to even waste my time, yet im doing quite well. Its crazy. I've got much more on my mind than to waste with some silly science class.

I love my Sakura....My daughter can beat your daughter!

Relaxing, enjoying life, i can't wait until july 9th ^_~
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