Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

Holy crap..its 5 in the updating...its been awhile...but i write best when im extremely tired.

Updates on life:

Getting ready for the big move. My last day of work is August 9th....Robby is moving up to the place on the 1st most likely and i will follow suite the next week, after i get my affairs straight here, school and work basically. I can not believe this, i shall finally escape the confides of this place. I will finally truely be on my own. Heh, the idea doesn't really sink in fully....We keep making all these big plans for the house...plans i know will never last, but its fun to make house rules....those that we will stick to for a month maximum and we'll get lazy....Oh well, thats just how life is.

Started my vacation today. I could have been leaving to go up to mass. to visit Rachel, but that would have been the worse decision for me at this point in my life....also i had realized that she had found someone great up there, but she was too much into me to realize took a bit of a push, that well turned into a shove...but that was because i let my emotions get in the way. Note to self, if your going to show someone what they really need, do not let your emotions get in the way. She had mentioned in her journal that i broke her heart, its foolish enough to believe that she can say such a thing, when she had hurt me intolerably the first time...Of course she thinks that its just about her, and shes the only one that gets hurt, but you didn't see me saying i was going to make mixed cds about her hurting me. *shrug* It's amusing.

Sitting back enjoying myself. Phillips birthday is coming soon, and we shall have a bit of a party, or whatever the kids call it now. Im a bit excited for that, but im really looknig forward to the housewarming party we will be having. Everyone is invited! Well...not everyone, but most of everyone!

My brother has also been in town, so we've been doing some male bonding, or whatever. I know with this upcoming storm were going to be spending a bit more time together than we need....My parents have been fighting...more divorce talking....i wish they would just do something, im tired of this constant drama, i know its hurting my brother the most. It doesn't bother me as much because of the fact im not very close with my parents, but still i know this stress is not good for them....

As was mentioned, a hurricane is on its way. Im excited, i love storms, and this is going to be a big one.

The bed beckons however....
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