Not your cure (starsoldier) wrote,
Not your cure

So, i hardly write in this anymore. I guess im just busy, or i just really don't care anymore. Sometimes i get like this, i kind of drop of the radar for a month or so...then i spark back up....

So the big move for me is the 7th of Augst...i start work on the 20th at Lowes up new life. Im so scared....but so excited at the same time. This is where the boy really becomes a man. The transition....

I'm thinking of starting a new livejournal. After 3 years, i think i've adequetely went from boy to man...I've been through so much since i started this journal....Finishing the book on the Rachel tale, and the transition to the new school....It sounds right doesn't it? Days of Rebirth....a new chapter in my life...

Not sure how i will work with the new name. I will let everyone know when i change....well anyone that cares.

I could write about my days, but they seem not so important right now.....Im sure they are, but im tired of the life i live now....and until i move, im afraid i've lost the will to write here.
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